Thursday, December 4, 2008

Selwyn College Carol Service

Take 1 of the Selwyn College carol service was this evening. I hope to write more later - but first here's a picture taken surreptitiously in manual light. (The camera had to be on the desk for stability since flash was o-o-t-q.)

If you plan to go on Sunday 6 PM - it's a problem if you haven't got tickets yet. You could come to one of the many services at Ely the following week: Evensong Dec 10 4 pm, carols on Friday (? time), Ceremony of Carols Dec 13 at noon - (highly recommended - I've heard the CD), or either of the two services Dec 14. We'll be at them all I expect.

Here's another still of the Selwyn chapel taken after the service (I have made the prayer desk look like the floor since I placed the camera where it cannot see the floor!)

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