Saturday, August 8, 2009

The nice thing about testing

is that you verify your data - I was perplexed that the high point on this image was only 8. Then I looked at my data and the redundant verse was missing for all chapters greater than 8. So I rewrote the query and bingo! More data - still not 100% comprehensible though.

There's a point at which there is a little dip - and for verses numbered over 42 chapters there will be an equal count until one of the chapters is shorter and then there will be a dip that will not rise again! I see the problem though - it has to do with the odd nature of the Hebrew verse sequence - and the fact that I cannot yet sort the x axis series data by a different field. It must be sorted by the Latin verse field, not the Hebrew one. Another feature will soon be in this product.

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