Friday, August 14, 2009

Worship the God you know

Rachel's repost from three years ago here touches the question that has been circling my head for a few weeks - God asks: what will you say about me? what can you say about me?

What indeed can we be sure of in the mass of subjective experience we have that counts as our 'knowledge'? And what is that knowledge? Some set of postulates? Some experience? Some inner thoughts and arguments? Must I reflect on such and report? And what if my report does not agree with my tradition? or of what others say of my tradition?

Why indeed would I look for words to express what I know?

A close and well-educated friend asked me the meaning of good in the opening chapter of Genesis. I did not agree with his initially stated assessment from a dictionary. Whatever the 'good' is that is attributed to creation, I deem it the same good that is attributed in Psalm 34 - taste and see that the Lord is 'good'.

Have I any knowledge that would lead me to live this good? God forbid that I should lack it. What use is life to me if this good is not known and how shall I come to know it if I do not?

I learned my dialogue with God somewhat like the jagged graph in that post from yesterday. Perhaps the graph will peter out to zero - or with a change in form will find itself filling more and more with a knowledge that is good.

Here is a bit from Job 10 that combines the extremes.

In your knowledge I am not wicked
but there is not from your hand a rescue
your hands shaped me and made me
together on every side yet you swallow me
Remember please that as clay you made me
and to the dust you will bring me

Have you not as milk poured me out
and as cheese curdled me
skin and flesh - you clothed me
and with bones and sinews you hedged me
life and loving-kindness- you made for me
and your visit - you watch my spirit
and these things you treasured in your heart
I know this is with you

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