Thursday, August 20, 2009

Numbering things

I like the order of numbering as can be seen from some of my thoughts on 2, 3 and 7 in earlier posts. Here are a couple of random enumerations or subdivisions that I have come across recently.

Today in yesterday's post on Barth:

three ways in which nonbeing threatens us: ontic (the anxiety of fate and death), spiritual (the anxiety of emptiness and meaninglessness), and moral (the anxiety of guilty and condemnation).
That puts the spiritual in its place, doesn't it.

And the five fold association of parts of the Writings with Festivals: from Bruggemann's Solomon, a fine introduction to the last century of scholarship on the Old Testament.
  1. The Song of Songs (Hebrew: Shir ha-Shirim; שיר השירים) for Passover.
  2. Book of Ruth (רות) Shavuot.
  3. Book of Lamentations (Hebrew: Eikhah or Kinnot; איכה) on the Ninth of Av.
  4. Ecclesiastes (Hebrew: Kohelet; קהלת) Sukkot.
  5. Book of Esther (Hebrew אסתר) Purim.
I borrowed and reduced this definition from Wikipedia. For me this poses questions about framing the feasts (an alternate framing is in the gospel of John) . Are The Song and Passover for love? Ruth and Pentecost for the Spirit? And how will I consider those feasts that my tradition does not remember? Lamentations for roots, Ecclesiastes for patience, and Esther for the secret?

The whole as symbolized by these parts seems incomplete - but I liked the association for its ordering of the world.

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