Saturday, August 8, 2009

Verse count by character and chapter in Job

This is pretty silly - but here is the concentric structure of Job (of course it is concentric, it is a doughnut!)

The red shows the Narrator to whom I have also attributed chapter 28. The blue is Elihu, the purple יְהוָה and the alternating green and yellow the comforters dialogue with Job (green). The scribbles are unreadable verse counts. On this diagram I would prefer to suppress them, but that property will come later. Here is another view - hard to tell who's who here.

If I choose bars you might be able to get the circles.

And here's one just for laughs - I am not sure if it is anything but pastel.
It is the count of each verse number expressed as a percentage.

And the last one maybe is the count of H1N1 inoculations you can get from Job.

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